Over nine years into the industry and about hundreds of features, interviews and experiences to my credit, rightly named as Trisha (meaning thirst), I always wanted to do something different in my life. In other words, I have forever been thirsty to learn things with an edge.

With a masters in journalism and mass communication degree, I decided to hone my skills and make the best use of my knowledge by putting the same into practical experience. Working across a well-known NGO and leading media groups, I have known the best of people across fraternities, had reported and penned down about multiple genres and have had the most amazing memories and experiences throughout my journey.

I was moved by the fact that how the realistic elements, products, personalities have somehow been lost in this superficial world and the same have been take over by material possessions, physical appearance and prowess. My very own website, REEL to REAL, is thus an endeavour to give the readers a multi-genre platform that is rich of features, information and exciting experiences revolving around art, culture, music, fashion, food, interiors, architecture, travel, beauty, health and fitness, much in demand metro tales and everything realistic in between.

I consider this beginning as a start of a new journey and would like to thank my family, friends, relatives, fellow journalists, colleagues, PR friends, the mystical Nichiren Buddhism philosophy, fellow BSG members and above all the Almighty for forever believing in my capabilities, motivating me throughout my journey and being with me during my ups and downs. This has not been possible because of all of you!

Look forward to your blessings, continued support and love!

Together, let’s bring forth a world which is real and is waiting to get unreeled!

Trisha Mahajan

Founder and Editor